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A Nation's Collective Gasp

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So far, nobody knows the extent of LeBron James' ankle sprain last night, and that's probably for the best: If it turns out that the guy is seriously hurt, perhaps even playoff-missing hurt, there's going to be all kinds of people setting various valuables ablaze.

Imagine, just for a moment, that LeBron turns out seriously injured, to the point that that first playoff game we've all been waiting for him to play ... imagine it not happening until next year. Other than Wizards fans, it's difficult to imagine anyone enjoying that or finding it anything other than a travesty of cosmic justice.


It is perhaps telling that of the three top Cavaliers blogs we featured a while back, none of had the gumption or intestinal fortitude to actually post about the injury yet. Frankly, we felt kind of guilty even mentioning it ourselves.

He'll be fine, though. Has to be. And if not, well, his mom will simply destroy us all.


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