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A Virginia Fan And Leet Haxor Wrote Us A Nice Letter

Earlier today, I published a post detailing why I will be wishing a swift and ignominious exit for the Virginia Cavaliers from the NCAA Tournament, centering mostly on the character of the school's students and alumni. We've since received this email from one of said UVa fans, republished in full:

Subject: All that vicious child porn on your internet devices :)

From: Clayton Hunter <>

To: Billy Haisley <>

dickhead uva fan here

wanna know how i know you are fucking clueless? UVA just scored the fourth highest point total now about 3/4 through the first round of ncaa tourney

and whether or not we are all dickheads is debateable but some of us are great hackers. anon.

and i'm wrong it won't be your devices i'm figuring out who you loved ones and friends are. have fun explaining that one to them. no threats here just hypotheticals i have no idea how much child porn your computer has been sending :)

one question?

why are you so mad bro?

your madness will only increase since u r fucked

Maybe we were wrong about these people.


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