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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

"Aaron Rodgers Rock & Roll" Encapsulates Everything About Packer Fans In One Sad Little Song

Drop what you're doing right now and listen to this. Trust me.

This masterpiece is the brainchild of one Eddy J. Lemberger, singer/songwriter/motivational speaker. And while he may be a musical genius, I don't think he's actually playing that guitar.


"Rodgers is the real deal," says Lemberger's YouTube description. "Smart, poised, can run, accurate passer. The old guard of NFL quarterbacks is fading out and Rodgers is set to be the new star! But don't be jealous - all of you NFL junkies - switch from your deadbeat team and love your Green Bay Packers!"

Well, I'm sold.

This isn't Eddy's first ro-day-o. He's the luminary behind such hits as the "I Love My Oprah Blues" and, yes, the "Brett Favre Boogie."

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