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Adam Dunn Loves Cheerleaders

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While colleges like Oregon State are dropping their cheerleading programs, professional baseball franchises seem like they're adding them. I was watching the Padres and Marlins the other day, and noticed that the Marlins had some trim parading around the stadium, and now, the Reds have jumped on the bandwagon and added the MDX Reds Crew. Reds left fielder and lustful pervert Adam Dunn supports the idea. "I think it's a great idea. It gets the fans into (the game) and gives us something to look at."

Actually, I agree with Dunn... I think it's a fine idea. I'm not someone who needs any other forms of entertainment to go along with my sporting events. For instance, I hate the guys at NBA arenas who babble through time-outs and hand-out free t-shirts, and I feel like anyone who cheers more for a free t-shirt than for the actual game should be dragged out of the arena and beaten to death will a ball-peen hammer.


But this is baseball. I wouldn't necessarily want to see them at a World Series game or at any important venture, but really, baseball lends itself to this kind of thing. There are so many pauses and stoppages in the action during the course of a game, and sausage races are only awesome the first few times. They play 162 of these things. A little bit of straggled ass is not out of line.

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