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Adrian Beltre Sent Garrett Richards An Invoice For His Broken Bats

Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre got worked over pretty good by Angels starter Garrett Richards on Friday night. Beltre faced Richards three times in six innings, and ended up with nothing more than three broken bats to show for it.


Richards really fucked those bats up! As you can see in the clip above, Beltre was clearly impressed with Richards’s ability to saw through his bats, and so after the game he good-naturedly sent Richards an invoice for $300. Via the Orange County Register:

Garrett Richards came into the Angels’ clubhouse proudly holding a piece of paper Saturday afternoon. Texas third baseman Adrian Beltre had sent him an invoice for $300 after Richards broke three of his bats Friday night.

It was a real invoice, like Beltre went to an office-supply store and bought a pack of them or something. “Cash only, no checks,” he wrote above his signature.

Here’s hoping Beltre ordered a bunch of blank invoices from Office Depot years ago, and has just been saving them for this precise moment.

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