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Adrian Peterson: "It Would Be Nice" To Join The Cowboys

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It’s the great unrequited trade of our time: Adrian Peterson to the Cowboys. We’ve known that both Peterson and Jerry Jones want it to happen, badly, even before Peterson’s child-abuse charges and lost season had him agitating to get out of Minnesota. He’s just making sure everyone still knows where he’d like to go.


Peterson, a Houston-area native, was sitting courtside for last night’s Rockets game with his lawyer. When approached by a reporter for WFAA-TV, he sounded almost wistful:


Peterson stands to make good money with the Vikings this year, though aside from his soured relationship with some in the front office he believes didn’t properly support him, it’s been reported that he’s seeking a new contract with more guaranteed seasons. He is 30 years old, after all.

The Vikings claim they’re not budging. “We have no interest in trading Adrian Peterson,” GM Rick Spielman said yesterday, which, coming as it does right before the draft, could easily be the truth, an outright lie, or code for “up your offer just a little more and we’ve got a deal.”

The Cowboys, too, are claiming they’re all set. ““We don’t have that as a must to come out of [the draft] with a running back,” Jerry Jones said, declaring that Dallas would be just fine with the backs it already has under contract after losing DeMarco Murray to free agency. Those backs include Joseph Randle, Lance Dunbar, and Darren McFadden, none of whom inspire much confidence—but given Dallas’s excellent offensive line, the Cowboys probably do have more pressing needs than its run game. Especially for what it could cost them to acquire and pay Peterson.

In all likelihood, Peterson will remain a Viking. By all accounts, the final decision on personnel moves in Dallas now rests with Stephen Jones, who has proven more levelheaded than his father. For fans of pure entertainment, that’s a shame. If they could have just waited a few years to make the transfer of power, we’d likely be seeing Johnny Manziel handing off to Adrian Peterson for the 5-11 Cowboys.

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