After Further Review ... Some Folks Are Pissed

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We've never been much for conspiracy theories, but we have to admit that this is the most fun we've had the day after a Super Bowl. There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth over the Super Bowl officiating, and not just from Seahawks fans, it seems.

In short, a lot of people think that the Seahawks were robbed and that the NFL wanted the Steelers to win. We're not going to take sides on this, except to say that the league has only itself to blame for the controversy. When you micromanage an event as completely as the NFL has done this week — even down to editing the Rolling Stones' lyrics — you can't complain when fans assume that the game itself has been scripted. Let's hit the message boards and join the fun.

Seahawks Sal message board. "Stolen, YES! Sour grapes, NO! what are we supposed to do, let the officials walk all over us like they have been for who knows how long?" (Caution: bad word in large, block letters).
McMillen and Wife message board. A lively discussion as Seahawks fans crash the party and joust with Steelers faithful over the gentlemen in stripes.
The NFL Is Fixed petition. Yeah, there's actually a petition to look into the officiating of Sunday's game, which already had 4,000 signatures by midnight. We signed it — but only because at first we thought it was a petition to save The George Lopez Show.
The Onion Sports. Of course, The Onion predicted all of this days ago (scroll down to fifth item).