fangsbites: I'm Asian and it's not worth getting upset over. I'm letting it go.

RonHogan: Ironically, the 3rd hit on @danjenkinsgd on Google is him discussing "when a funny line becomes a cheap shot" in an interview.

Charles_Aaron: Dang, old white people @danjenkinsgd treat Masters like they're getting a racial mulligan

WhitlockJason: Richard Deitsch, does Jenkins get your see-no-evil Leitch treatment or does he get the tweet-it-own-it Whitlock treatment?

The_Real_LLC: The Yang comment by @danjenkinsgd has everyone a-twitter, but isn't being old and irreverent his entire shtick? I mean, it's bad, but...

TheBigLead: im mostly waiting for everyone who cried bloody murder over Griese to see what their reaction is. will they be consistent?