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As you might have heard yesterday, Cardinals alpha male Albert Pujols hit three homers, including a walk-off, in the Cardinals' 8-7 win over the Reds yesterday. (By the way, we've been getting this question a lot, so we need to settle it right now before anybody else gets confused. Every game at the new Busch Stadium has been a sellout. The reason there are all those empty seats in left field — where Pujols hit all his homers yesterday — is because those seats aren't open yet, because the stadium's not quite finished. They're not just empty. Trust us, if they were selling those seats, they'd be full.)

As pretty much everyone has pointed out, we're probably not too far from Pujols receiving the (younger) Bonds treatment, particularly when the rest of the lineup has people like Scott Spiezio, Aaron Miles and Skip Schmaker.


But our favorite piece of Pujols wonder today comes from Tyblog, which uses Bill James' old "Favorite Toy" tool to determine Pujols' odds of breaking some major baseball records. According to Tyblog, Pujols has a 4 percent chance of beating Pete Rose's hit record, 21 percent chances of besting Tris Speaker's doubles record, a 14 percent chance of passing Hank Aaron's RBI mark, a 21 percent chance of catching up to Rickey Henderson's run record and, finally, a 20 percent chance of breaking Aaron's home run mark, if Bonds hasn't beaten it first. Those are kind of crazy numbers, which of course will ultimately mean nothing, because no one's ever pitching to him again.

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