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Alfonso Soriano Saves Lives

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Alfonso Soriano might suck at being a left fielder, but if you're at a Nationals game, and sitting in foul territory with a woman who hasn't had a proper screening for ovarian cancer, there's no one else you'd rather have at the plate.

A tipster sent in a note about a woman at a Rangers game last year who was pegged in the stomach by a Soriano foul ball. Fearing that something had been ruptured, she went to the hospital to get herself checked out. The doctor did a CAT scan and found that the woman had ovarian cancer. They caught it just in time, were able to operate, she had some chemo, and now she's in remission. Taking a Soriano line drive to the gut helped save this woman's life.


Officials at the hospital thought it would be helpful if Soriano then became a spokesperson for ovarian cancer screenings, appearing in public service announcements and such. Soriano refused and insisted on being a cancer doctor, saying that Oncologist was his more natural position. The hospital told him no, citing that they already had a pretty good cancer doctor, and that Soriano could do more good by taking the position of spokesperson. He eventually relented.

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