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We don't mean to pile on here โ€” really โ€” but you might remember last week, during the Super Bowl, when we talked about the Pittsburgh television station that took down a story about our Ben Roethlisberger photos and then pretended that they never ran it.

Well, the reporter we talked to for that story was a man named Gus Rosendale. (Who, it must be said, was polite on the phone and seemed like a nice enough fellow.) If you were wondering what he has been up to of late, check out this grueling video in which Gus, during the Steelers' victory parade, called Antwaan Randle El by the name "Willie Parker." He kept doing it, too, until Randle El informed our man Gus that, uh, no, wrong guy who scored a touchdown in the Super Bowl. It's a truly awesome spectacle to see. We highly suggest it.

(Big thanks to The Airing Of Grievances for the heads-up on this.)

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