Watch The Best U.S. Reactions To John Brooks's Game-Winning Goal

You have to admit, the USMNT has a nose for the dramatic.

We've already rounded up some of the reactions to John Brooks's marvelous header against Ghana, which you can flip through below, but this compilation is just schmaltzy enough to stir up nostalgia for a goal barely 15 hours old. If you'll forgive the poor bastard in the Arsenal shirt, this is likely as good a postcard of the 2014 World Cup as you'll find.

America Reacts To Game-Winner Against Ghana

The United States came back to defeat Ghana, the team that knocked them out of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, on a late goal from John Brooks. Coming right on the heels of an equalizer from Ghana that seemed to doom USMNT to a draw, Brooks's goal put the

We've got a round up of reaction videos that' we'll add to as we find them, but the first one above is from reader Moshe, taken at Governor's Island in Manhattan. It's people losing their minds; it's a good time.

And here's some slow-motion reaction in Kansas City to Clint Dempsey's goal, just for fun:

This is video from inside the stadium, basically on the goal line. The camera shakes as Brooks is about to head it in, and then it's madness. Thanks to @BWeatherJohnson for the heads up.


More from inside the stadium, on the other side, from a section of American Outlaws.

Here is more reaction from, we think, Nashville:


And Denver:


And Bethlehem, PA: