America's Most Patriotically Awful Band Is Back With A New Buttrock Jam

We haven't heard much from Madison Rising since they fart-rocked their way through the "Star Spangled Banner" at a NASCAR race, but "America's most patriotic band" has a new mishmash of hot guitar licks and raspy warbles about guns 'n trucks for us to rock out to.

This is the theme song for a new Sarah Palin-hosted TV show called Amazing America, because what the hell else would this song be used for? Some lyrics: "From the snowy passes to the desert sun / With the dogs and the horses and the trucks and the guns."

Once you've gotten your fill of dogs and horses and trucks and guns, scroll down and relive the glory of Madison Rising's anthem rendition.

"America's Most Patriotic Band" Plays America's Worst Anthem Rendition

NASCAR promoted these guys who performed "The Star-Spangled Banner" before today's Nationwide Series race at Daytona as "Madison Rising, America's Most Patriotic Rock Band." I guess the more patriotic, the less talented! (Things really get good, and by good I mean bad, around the one-minute mark.)

Wisconsin's state capital is filing for defamation of character as we speak. Look at the soldiers in uniform, barely holding back their rage. Look at Madison Rising's lead singer, LITERALLY HIDING BEHIND THE AMERICAN FLAG. Look at the NASCAR drivers' collective "WTF." Daytona is just up the road from Cape Canaveral; somebody put these guys in a Delta IV rocket and get them off this planet.