As first reported by Ed Werder, New England has signed Tim Tebow, and he's expected to report to Patriots minicamp tomorrow. He'll reunite with Josh McDaniels, who was coach in Denver when the Broncos traded up to get him. Ian Rapoport adds that this all developed within the last 24 hours. It's the Patriot way.

New England is probably the perfect landing spot for Tebow, ESPN proximity notwithstanding. He won't start a quarterback controversy. The Patriots are good enough, and the fans trust Bill Belichick enough, that no one will be calling for him to play 30 snaps a game. The team has enough big personalities that he won't be surrounded every media availability. The franchise has its shit together to keep anonymous teammates from constantly leaking how bad he looks in practice.

And Tebow just might be ideal for the Patriots. Positions are only suggestions to Belichick. Maybe now we'll get the dream Tebow we all envisioned: a little wildcat, a little receiver, a little tight end, a little special teams. Do recall that the last time Tebow saw meaningful action, he made it to the second round of the playoffs. Now he'll only be asked to chip in on a team that's proven it can incorporate just about any type of player, and squeeze maximum value out of them.

It's the perfect scenario, and that's even before Tebow inevitably torches the Jets in New Jersey.