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Anderson Silva Says The Steroids Found In His System Are From Penis Drugs

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For a time, Brazilian mixed martial artist Anderson Silva was the greatest fighter on Earth. He might be the greatest fighter of all time. But all things, even or especially the best things, come to an end, and Silva got knocked out by Chris Weidman, and then broke his leg in the rematch, and now we’re here, aggregating a Portuguese article about how Silva’s camp is trying to attribute a dirty piss test to tainted sexual enhancers.


The story goes like this: after breaking his leg against Weidman in Dec. 2013, Silva trained and fought and sweat and bled over the course of a year to return to the UFC, where the then-39-year-old took on and defeated Nick Diaz last January. Silva was tested before and after the fight, and traces of drostanolone and androsterone, both anabolic steroids, were found in his system.


Silva, a middle-aged man who in athlete years is more or less Methuselah, was coming off a catastrophic injury and two losses to boot. But Silva says he didn’t knowingly cheat. Translated from Combate:

As for drostanolone, the document states that Anderson was wearing a “supplement in order to improve sexual performance” and that tests with the supplement to the charges later revealed that this was contaminated with drostanolone metabolites. As for androsterone, the defense claims that one of the supplements that the fighter was wearing “could be contaminated” with the substance, but does not specify which.


There’s not much else to say. Silva is the shit and once did supernatural things like this ...

and this ...

and this.

So I don’t really have the heart to make jokes about him being a 40-year-old dad who can’t get his penis up or whatever.



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