Anthony Bennett Finally Scored Double Digits In An NBA Game

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We haven't heard from sad, miserable, oh-god-how-was-this-guy-the-first-pick-in-the-draft Anthony Bennett in a while, but today brings good news! In his 33rd career game, Anthony Bennett dropped 15 points and eight rebounds in 31 minutes. It was the first time Bennett has scored 10 or more points in a game.


Hurray for Anthony Bennett! His full highlight reel from last night's game is above, and aside from the two missed dunks which Bennett got bailed out of with foul calls, there are some decent basketball plays in there!

More importantly, now that Bennett has finally reached the double-digit plateau, we can really put his awful rookie season into context. Our friends at The Score helpfully point out that the last four No. 1 overall picks all scored double-digit points in their first or second game. Bennett, again, needed 33.


According to Basketball Reference, Bennett has the second-lowest win shares per 48 minutes of any rookie in history who played at least 30 games and averaged at least 10 minutes per game. The only guy above him on that list is Cory Higgins, an undrafted free agent who played two season with the Bobcats.

But hey, it's a new day for Anthony Bennet. Maybe he'll get, like, 10 rebounds in his next game. The sky is the limit.