Preeeetty major fuckup here from the Ottawa Sun, which reported earlier this morning that Penguins star Sidney Crosby was arrested for unknown reasons. That would be a big story in the middle of the NHL offseason doldrums, if it were true, which it is not.

(Update, 11:57 EDT: The Sun has published a retraction.)

The Sun pulled its story from its website, though for some reason it still exists on mobile. And if that disappears, here's the entirety of the report, credited to the QMI Agency, the news arm of the Sun's parent company:

A few phone calls to Ottawa PD set things straight, and they couldn't have been less equivocal. "This is a total, out-and-out blatant lie," one sergeant said. Added the chief of police: "Sidney Crosby was not arrested, he never came in, and he is not in a cell."

The Penguins quickly confirmed that Crosby is training a couple thousand miles away from Ottawa.

So, everyone straight? Sidney Crosby: not arrested.