The most impactful decision in tonight's heinously boring Thursday Night Football contest between St. Louis and Arizona came with 6:10 left in the game. St. Louis, down 12-3, had 4th and goal on Arizona's 1-yard-line. In a situation where the Rams needed both a touchdown and a field goal to win, Jeff Fisher opted to kick the field goal. This was almost certainly the wrong choice.

To win, the Rams now had to get the ball back and march the length of the field for a touchdown. But if they had gone for it and succeeded, they would've only needed to get the ball back to around the Cardinals 40-yard-line, where kicker Greg "Greg the Leg" Zuerlein's cannon of a leg gives you a decent shot. Of course, if the Rams were to be stuffed on 4th-and-1, the game would basically be over. Still, it's pretty clear that going for it means a win takes 40 fewer yards to achieve. To the probabilities, the New York Times 4th Down Bot says the Rams would've had a 19% chance of winning by going for it, but only had a 15% chance of winning by kicking.


But don't tell this to cargo jort enthusiast Pete Prisco, who has no doubt that Fisher made the right decision:

Being wrong isn't exactly a new thing for Prisco, and his Twitter followers let him know it. Instead of admitting he was wrong, or saying that going for it also would've been an acceptable decision, or displaying even moderately defensible reasoning as to why the field goal attempt was correct, Prisco decided to insult people:

Prisco was very exasperated having to explain how football works to these idiots:

He then decided he was done talking to people:

Spoiler alert: he was not done.

Unsurprisingly, the embarrassing Peter King agreed with Prisco:

Prisco dropped a sick math burn when blocking somebody:

Prisco wants people to know that even though he has spent the last 40 minutes arguing with people, and even though he seemingly can't help himself from arguing with people, he doesn't care what people think:

In case you were worried, Prisco's feeling have not been hurt:

See ya:

h/t Peter (not Prisco)

Photo via Dilip Vishwanat/Getty