Aroldis Chapman Suspended 30 Games In First Case Under MLB's Domestic Violence Policy

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MLB has suspended Yankees pitcher Aroldis Chapman for 30 games under the league’s new domestic violence policy for a dispute he had with his girlfriend on Oct. 30 in Florida.

According to Billy Witz of the New York Times, Chapman can practice and play in spring training, but will be banned from opening day until May 9. He will forfeit roughly $1.85 million in salary.


Chapman doesn’t plan on appealing his punishment. Under the league’s policy, he could go to an arbitration panel, but he has chosen to accept his punishment. Ken Rosenthal got a statement from Chapman:

Today, I accepted a 30 game suspension from Major League Baseball resulting from my actions on October 30, 2015. I want to be clear, I did not in any way harm my girlfriend that evening. However, I should have exercised better judgment with respect to certain actions, and for that I am sorry. The decision to accept a suspension, as opposed to appealing one, was made after careful consideration. I made this decision in an effort to minimize the distractions that an appeal would cause the Yankees, my new teammates and most importantly, my family. I have learned from this matter, and I look forward to being part of the Yankees’ quest for a 28th World Series title. Out of respect for my teammates and my family, I will have no further comment.


Chapman’s girlfriend accused him of hitting and choking her; the MLBer also allegedly shot his gun eight times in his garage. Prosecutors decided on Jan. 21 to not press charges against Chapman because of changing stories and the state’s gun laws. However, MLB’s domestic violence policy doesn’t depend on its employees being convicted or pleading guilty.

In his statement, commissioner Rob Manfred said the gunfire played a large role in the suspension.

Rockies shortstop Jose Reyes will be the next up under the policy; he has pleaded not guilty to domestic violence after allegedly shoving his wife into a sliding glass door. He has been placed on paid leave, and will appear in court on April 4.


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