Art Shell Employed Once Again

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Spurned by every white person in America who has ever stood on the sidelines of a football game, the Raiders finally turned to Art Shell, who is actually the last non-Gruden to have a winning record as coach of the Raiders. I've been waiting to applaud whatever NFL team took the radical step of hiring a black head coach, and it turns out to be the damn Raiders. Ugh. There will be no applause.

Of course, it took a refusal from Steelers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt, three refusals from Louisville coach Bobby Petrino, as well as several other "No Thank You"s for Shell to get the least desirable coaching job in the league. It also took a 12 year wait, despite Shell's 56-41 record as coach of the Raiders from '89 - '94. And I'm guessing he'll be the lowest-paid head coach in the league. So, yeah... hooray for progress.

If Art Shell manages to compile the same 56-41 record over the next 5 years with the Raiders, he deserves—well, he deserves to coach someplace that is not Oakland.


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