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At Least One Nathan Peterman Defender Exists, And He's A Shitbird

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The Buffalo Bills officially announced on Wednesday that flailing intern Nathan Peterman would no longer be their starting QB, to the relief of Bills fans and probably Peterman himself, who never asked to become synonymous with incompetence just because his team had an irrational fear of Tyrod Taylor.


Everyone should agree that the only wrong thing about Peterman’s demotion was how long it took for the Bills to make it. Everyone, that is, except one guy who went through the trouble of using two different email accounts to send feedback to the writers of Deadspin’s two most recent Nathan Peterman blogs:

Subject: Your bad reporting

dat dude <>

2:52 PM

to Laura Wagner

There’s a reason why little girls like you shouldn’t talk about sports. Now I know your editor probably stuck you with this story but at least be original. Know your facts. The fact is, performance wise peterman isn’t even the Bills worst ever QB. That goes to rob Johnson. Furthermore at no point in your god awful piece was there any mention of how poorly out offensive line played. The offensive line statistically played worse than Peterman. I think you should stick to telling millennial girls what fall fashions to wear to school. Leave sports reporting to the men who actually know what they are talking about. Also read your other articles and they are shit too. You write like a 14 year old on a reddit comment board who has an IQ below 65. Do what peterman couldn’t do and bench yourself from writing never again. Also you’re a cunt. :smile:

Sent from my iPhone

Subject: Your bad reporting

David <>

3:20 PM

to Lauren Theisen

I’ve already written an email to another colleague but to be fair to her I have to make sure that I’m critical of anyone writing bad reports. Unfortunately you are also female so be prepared to get upset at things I say. But I don’t really care because you and other writers at session never seem to be concerned about being rude and saying mean, unwarranted things. You want to bash peterman but you never talk about how bad the offensive line is. The offensive line has been bad for years and everyone, except you apparently knows it. Furthermore did peterman allow Baltimore to score 47 points?! No that was the shit defense. Your article only succeeded at demonstrating how little you seem to know about the sport of football. Actually your article only proved you know what a quarterback is. It’s as if you don’t even know that other players affect the outcome of the game. It’s as if you were given the topic to write about, did a quick google search and copy and pasted whatever you found. This is why women shouldn’t talk about sports. They want to be equal but the don’t end up doing an equally good job. Stick to advising little girls on what color lipstick is currently trending. Also you’re a cunt


The Nathan Peterman hive is real, and he is furious.

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