Alan Siegel
Jun 3 2015

Every so often, I watch these highlights and fantasize about how the tight-ass NFL would’ve received Iverson.

Apr 9 2014

Both Mike Milbury and Chris Ford lived in my hometown in the early '90s. They once organized a fundraiser where literally every single Bruin and Celtic signed autographs for hours. We got Polaroids with Parish and McHale (who my brother claims said, "Don't be shy, I don't bite."), but the only thing that I can find

Oct 17 2013

Lucky. My parents never let me get the lasers background on picture day. Traditional or nothing.

Aug 1 2013

"PUHPUH" was indeed my great grandpa's nickname. (Also acceptable: PUPPER.) I also loved Pupper Gino's pizza when it was "hut" out of the oven.

Aug 1 2013

As a recovering Masshole, I think Papa Gino's pizza is the best fast food. Bojangles is worth it for the biscuits.

May 23 2013

And who would lead this group of superhuman athletes? Dr. Charles Xavier would be the best fucking player's coach on the planet. William Stryker would work, too, if, like most big-time football programs, you want a manipulative sadist at the helm. If you go with the latter, expect Nike to quickly debut its Pro Combat Read more

Apr 2 2013

Somehow, that made me gasp louder than Kevin Ware's injury did.