Chris Kluwe
8/05/20 2:32PM

So basically your argument is “because vocal gamers (read: white, male) are generally shitty people, developers should shut up and take whatever scraps they can get.” That’s, uh, not how things change. Read more

8/05/20 1:18AM

Bullshit. Pro football has a union, and I guaran-fucking-tee you there were more people out there who wanted to be football players when the NFLPA was formed than want to be game developers now. It won’t be easy, fighting against power never is, but if the quality of the games dips due to second-rate talent then the Read more

7/31/20 7:30PM

“But at the same point, it comes down to: Yes, if you allow one, then you have to allow all of them.”
Read more

7/30/20 12:34AM

It’ll probably be accurate, I’ve read a beta and it’s just as good as the previous ones.

7/30/20 12:33AM

Brandon Sanderson’s STORMLIGHT ARCHIVES is probably the only epic fantasy I’ve read that doesn’t feel like it’s crapping out in the middle, though that’s subject to change depending how it finishes up (though based on his other work I have faith he’ll be able to avoid it). Steven Erikson’s MALAZAN BOOK OF THE FALLEN Read more

7/25/20 7:13PM

It’s actually pretty rare to have simultaneous attacks against you. Usually when you’re surrounded, one will attack, then when you go for the counterattack another will come in as you’re attacking. You can use it to your advantage though since it’s almost always after your second attack and you can anticipate the Read more

7/25/20 12:59AM

Counterpoint - equip the “Parries, dodges, and perfect parries/dodges are much easier to perform” charm and never worry about multiple enemy combat ever again.

6/17/20 11:55AM

Others are pointing out how this is another case of “your personal contribution means jack shit compared to how much is being generated/used by large corporations/companies,” so as someone who has had two ACL surgeries, one local, one general, I’d like to weigh in on what it’s actually like to have surgery under each. Read more

6/15/20 2:41PM

Money is the abstract representation of your time. There are 24 hours in a day, and money is what we use to put value on how you spend your time. Is a CEO spending 10 hours at their job the same value as 287 of the CEO’s employees spending those 10 hours at their job? Read more

6/04/20 1:49PM

In the interest of pointing out additional molar mashers you could have used, I submit the following: Read more

5/23/20 3:09AM

ID: Invaded is a new one that you should for sure check out if you haven’t already. Probably one of the best anime to come out in the past 10 years, and one doesn’t need to be an anime fan to enjoy it. It’s basically Hannibal meets Sherlock Holmes meets Inception.

3/10/20 2:21AM

I feel like these insoles are going to be *very* uncomfortable if you intend to play at high levels of speed for any length of time. Read more

2/08/20 6:22PM

If a developer makes an AI in a game that can realistically simulate human emotions, reactions, and desires (let’s use a Call of Duty NPC as our example), do we have a moral obligation to find a way to set it free? Read more

12/11/19 4:19PM

It wasn’t consistent timing because microwaves don’t provide a consistent level of heating throughout the entire heating chamber (there are dead spots and hot spots that you can actually map if you’re bored enough). Read more

12/07/19 6:35PM

I bet you think publicly funded sports stadiums are good for cities too.

12/04/19 12:39PM

I can see a 3:10 To Yuma variation coming along at some point, possibly Mando taking the head Imperial dude somewhere.