Sean Newell
Oct 28 2014

Typical Gawker commies listing Superman last. You won't be getting my page clicks anymore.

Aug 23 2014

That only specifically mentions the inverse situation to this one: when a challenge is deemed untimely. More poor drafting or a specific exclusion? Tampa could be boned if this is determined to be a "judgement decision," which is just more of the same terrible drafting in MLB rules.

Aug 23 2014

The other thing I should have mentioned is that, at least to the viewers, there wasn't really a definitive view showing Myers was out, or at least definitive enough to overturn the call. In the clearest view shown, his fingers are grasping around the bag as he his tagged, but you never see his thumb which could be on Read more

Aug 17 2014

Because he just spent the entirety of his column talking about what's wrong with Matt Harvey, and how to fix him?

Aug 17 2014

After the main column is over, there is a sort of quick-hits portion where Mike tackles some of the other current events. Which is where he drops this gem: Read more

Aug 16 2014

I got into them when they released Very Emergency and then got into everything before it. I very rarely listen to Very Emergency (which is poppy and catchy as all get out and I do like a lot of it) or anything PR-related after it anymore.

Aug 15 2014

move to the Bronx. You're far as shit from everything, but you can't afford to enjoy everything anyway. At least you'll be close to it and have hope that some day you can enjoy it. Bronx will be the new Harlem in 20 years, too.

Aug 14 2014

Don't sleep on the annoyed shove Berman gives him at the end, either.