Adam Weinstein
5/21/15 7:23PM

Just couldn’t be bothered to read the post that you’re commenting on, huh.

12/29/14 4:03PM

I will say what I said in every case that's come up so far at my alma mater in recent years: Just look at the kids' testimony themselves, take it at face value for a minute, and ask yourself whether—even if everything Jansen's clients say is true—we're producing student athletes of character at the Florida State Read more

7/06/14 9:50PM

Yep, had a similar experience on an east-to-west approach to Fort Lauderdale. Just over U.S. 1 ahead of the airport fence, maybe 40-50 feet up, sudden power up and quick climb. The pilot was smooth as hell, like a planned touch and go, but it was such a clear day I figured someone must have bumbled into the way really Read more

6/04/14 10:09AM

In fairness to David Cook, I have heard from friends of mine who've worked and grown up with him that yes, in fact, that's just David, and he could have written that on any given day of his career, pre-Steubenville or otherwise.

5/16/14 3:27PM

What do your dogs eat? Mine eats old galleys of Magary books. With arugula and poppyseed vinaigrette.

4/06/14 8:15PM

Update: "Monk" Bonasorte called me on Sunday, April 6, to follow up on the phone message I'd left for him the previous Wednesday. We had never spoken prior to that. He didn't comment directly on the university's conduct process. "Whatever everybody's facing," he said, fans and interested parties should "let the Read more

4/03/14 2:36PM

Kindly direct me to the vitriol. It's not as if I said something like, you know, "Ronald Darby is dumb as a fucking rock."

4/03/14 1:40PM

This is true. But it raises interesting questions about whether Tim Jansen, the Winston attorney who so quickly produced supporting affidavits from Casher and Darby, advised them on the possible university-level ramifications of their testimony, while his main client was advised not to talk, and thus not to expose Read more

4/03/14 1:03PM

Good read. I can venture no judgments about the propriety of FSU's Title IX efforts. All I do know is that the school's main coordinator left in February, as reported above, and her role is currently being split between the VP of human resources and the assistant dean who we understand was present at Jameis' January Read more