Andrew Harris
9/14/14 6:15PM

Within 5 minutes of that beauty, Milan scored a hideously hilarious own goal too. They couldn't even sub him off because they were out of subs. Read more

8/31/14 10:52AM

That might be true, but to be honest his last truly successful year was in 2011-2012. Is there a chance he'll revert to that form? Absolutely. But until he shakes off the rust he might be a liability for Milan, especially if the team is struggling to score.

8/31/14 10:50AM

All valid points, small sample sizes excepting! I thought Fiorentina came out very flat, but definitely generated more chances in the 2nd half than Roma did. A couple of their best chances were hit right at De Sanctis, though.

8/31/14 10:49AM

No, that's certainly correct. And they'll make life hard for Bayern and City, but I just don't see them getting through at those two teams' expense. Read more

8/30/14 8:31PM

I was trying to go for winger. And you're right, Napoli do usually underperform relative to their talent, but for some reason I think they'll be the best of a bunch of flawed teams at the top. And it's not like they have the burden of UCL play anymore (sorry...).

8/30/14 3:17PM

I certainly hope so. They should (and I stress should because Italian teams rarely care about it), but they should have success in the Europa League at a minimum this year. Inter, Fiorentina, and Napoli are all strong sides this season, and should be able to do some damage. Read more

7/10/14 7:33PM

Yeah, definitely not allowed to say. Had to sign a bunch of paperwork.

7/10/14 7:18PM

Some shameless self-promotion here, but I'd encourage you all to watch Jeopardy tomorrow night. You just might see one of your most beloved, intelligent, and attractive commenters.

6/24/14 11:43AM

I personally despise De Rossi. I get what he brings with the leadership and defensive mettle and all that, but I think he's a world-class idiot on the field. Like truly truly stupid. I think he's an enormous liability, especially in a major tournament. But he's obviously a talented player whose presence will be Read more

6/24/14 11:13AM

I have a feeling this is exactly the game that Italy are built to win. Unlike England, which relied on pace to make up for a lackluster central midfield and defense, Italy at their best is tactically strong and organized. Sure they fell apart a bit against Costa Rica, but that should only make them more focused for Read more

6/13/14 5:15PM

If you take out the headline, which wasn't mine, it's not exactly a negative preview...

6/12/14 5:36PM

I just mean things that were actually adopted by the rest of the world.

6/12/14 5:03PM

It's actually one of the few things that MLS has adopted in advance of the rest of the world. They've had it since at least 2011, I believe.

6/11/14 9:06PM

That's a pretty myopic approach to this preview. Both players could have an enormous impact for this team.

6/10/14 4:46PM

I would be extremely surprised if Green saw action in the first game. If the US needs to score, they'll bring on Johannsson, Diskerud, and Wondo, hopefully in that order. Or maybe shift Johnson up to midfield and bring in Yedlin on the right. But not Green, not in the first game.