Benedict Cosgrove

I occasionally wrote freelance pieces for Gothamist, but I’ll miss the site for reasons that go well beyond picking up bylines and receiving relatively small but always welcome checks in the mail (checks that were usually paid very, very quickly — thank you, Jen!).
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I’ll grant that scenes like the one where Negan threw another character into a furnace, burning him alive, still have a certain grotty (although fleeting and gratuitous) power. But for two seasons now the show itself has suffered from a stuck-in-second-gear vibe that sadly mirrors the endless riff, never all that Read more

For those commenters who 1) get all hot and bothered over the alleged "racism" of an obviously tongue-in-cheek headline and 2) can't even be bothered to actually read the original post on LIFE — which explicitly addresses the issue of the all-white Miss America pageants of the past — I only hope that your reading of Read more

Irony. Officially dead. Or perhaps just severely maimed.