Bring Back Anthony Mason
5/05/17 9:54PM

“This player is soft because, instead of allowing another player to knock him around without consequences, he tagged him back.” Read more

1/02/17 3:13PM

Listen, if they wanted to know specifics about how things were run the person they should be talking to is the Specific Manager.

10/05/16 9:34PM

Well, let’s narrow it down. Sounds like something a crotchety, old, out-of-touch, power hungry white guy would say. Which team is owned by a crotchety, old, out-of-touch, power hungry white guy?

8/12/16 8:40PM

I blogged about Deadspin’s comments five nights a week for literally years. And stayed married the whole time!

7/13/16 6:07PM

Nothing compared to Mike Huckabee teaching his sons to continue eating while shitting.

7/07/16 2:11PM

Is there a way that you can replace the author photo with of those cool holographic pics from the 90s? So when when we move the book, we see something like this:

7/07/16 12:20PM

July 7th, 2085: The civilized world is no more. Society has collapsed the world over, leaving roving death gangs to battle it out for life’s necessities. After years of war, famine, and nuclear fallout, humanity is no longer distinct from other animals. We are driven by fear, ignorance, and a basic need for survival Read more

6/06/16 11:47AM

After pulling the knife out, many declared Josh the rightful king of Britain.

5/13/16 10:49AM

He’s only playing so long to pay off his massive student loan debt. Four full years of tuition at Wake Forest. Yeesh.

6/13/14 10:35AM

True story: I beat Tyson as a kid. I was playing at the neighbor's house with their two kids and we were doing the typical 10-year old thing - playing video games all night until our eyes bleed. It was about midnight (Saturday) before I worked my way up to Tyson. I had faced him before and, like most people, got curb Read more