David Roth
David Roth is an editor at Deadspin.
10/11/19 11:09PM

1) We are going to keep doing it for as long as we’re permitted to do so and 2) I’ll go ahead and assess that ticket stub for you: it’s worth like five thousand dollars to me.

10/11/19 11:07PM

I respect this decision all the more for how wrong it is. I would have done the same thing.

10/11/19 2:41PM

I saw a Sixers one in Goodwill once and even for me it was clear that I could not buy it. It was too big, but it was the equivalent of bringing home a Chucky.

10/11/19 2:41PM

Man I hope you’re keeping that Frank Francisco jersey in some sort of stable, climate-controlled environment. You’ll be retiring off that one someday.

10/11/19 2:40PM

Honestly I’m going to go ahead and keep believing this is true.

10/10/19 5:27PM

Thanks very much for this. It’s what we all want, too—to stay together, but also to be able to keep doing the stuff we do as well as we can do it. It may not matter what we want, but that’s what we want. I appreciate you caring about that, and about us, very much.

10/10/19 5:26PM

I feel like this one’s going to wind up being watched at some point. The wive has enough interest and it’s a manageable length. I wouldn’t bet a dollar on Breaking Bad ever making it through, though, sadly.

9/25/19 5:21PM

It’s really a perfect three-second visual gag. Credit where it’s due to Mike Bordick, an underrated physical comedian.

9/19/19 8:05PM

Yeah, that’s where I landed on it, too. His standup stuff didn’t wow me, but it was perfectly competent and polished. Everything else suggests that he’s just kind of a turd, though. I don’t think the show can be saved, really, but he sure wasn’t going to help.

9/12/19 11:17PM

These are both such thoughtful responses to this question that it is almost making me reconsider it. Almost but not quite.

9/10/19 10:33PM

I always like it when people describe this as like an ASMR experience. I don’t know what it says about me that it does, but I think it boils down to the fact that I have never expected to even tangentially have my presence be described as “soothing” in any way.

9/10/19 10:32PM

It was in there! They took it out but I promise you I did the double-pump.

9/10/19 10:31PM

I defer to Paul on this one. (Also it was edited out but I talked about the hitch and pantomimed it. I think you only get so much Physical Reenactment Dave per episode under federal guidelines, though.)

9/10/19 10:30PM

Man just watching the Giants all year wouldn’t do me much better, I don’t think.