Dennis Young
New Orleans-based writer and editor
Jan 21 2019

As someone who watches CFL football, I hope the NFL never allows PI to be reviewable. What ends up happening is during the replay you see an obvious hold on the o-line that can’t be reviewed, an obvious pick by the offense that also isn’t reviewable, and then the db touches the reciever a split second before the ball Read more

Jan 6 2019

No one tipped that kick, Parkey stepped in too close with his plant foot which caused him to swipe across with his kicking leg instead of following straight through towards his target.

May 31 2018

Hi! Dan from Deadspin here. I have some information to add so the Jezebel commenters can make an informed decision.

May 3 2018

is doing fractions in your head not... mental? it sure ain’t physical or emotional.

Apr 26 2018

Ross Tucker’s video on the subject brings articulate insights on why this ruling does look anti-Semenya, but also why a women’s category in sports needs to be defended.

Mar 26 2018

I have tended bar for well over a decade and am privileged to manage kick ass establishment in the north east. We have a water cooler!! Please use it! I don’t wanna get you shit you’re not tipping me for and yeah, I don’t want you being a drunken dingus in my joint so work that 1 to 1 ratio, rookie. That being said, Read more

Mar 26 2018

I’m a veteran DC bartender.

Most bars I’ve worked in here that are bars first and not restaurants with a bar, have a place to get your own water.

And I am opening a new bar just this week where the policy for credit cards is to return the card once its swiped. And if you walk without closing, we will do it for you and Read more

Mar 26 2018

Bar owner and longtime bartender checking in. Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Visa are all eliminating the signature requirement in 2018. I see no reason to not return a card right away and charge a small fee for not closing a tab (and in my state overnight tabs are illegal) but at the same time, I Read more

Mar 4 2018

If people are interested in Bannister, and the other guys (Australian John Landy and American Wes Santee) chasing this milestone, check out ‘The Perfect Mile’, by Neil Bascomb. Great book. Read more

Feb 27 2018

The rumor mill is saying it a riot employee brought up the grievance to Riot and GG org. I suggest if you’re still hunting for the details to check with contacts at Riot

Feb 9 2018

The Louisiana Purchase is severely underranked. As is the Process. Trust the Process.

Feb 6 2018

He also did the Will Smith Genie and Bright raps. He’s a fucking genius. His Will Smith impersonation is incredible.