Dom Cosentino
8/10/15 11:30AM

If only the editors of the Star-Tribune had a way to hold this guy accountable by shining a light on his behavior when they first learned of it.

12/16/14 10:36AM

I can't speak for how the Bears run things, but I can say the Jets don't allow the starting quarterback to be interviewed away from the podium post-game. After a game, every reporter is scrambling to get what he or she can in the locker room in the meantime. It's chaotic, especially after a loss, when players are Read more

1/10/14 3:56PM

Because he's retired and didn't really want to talk to me about anything.

10/09/13 1:46PM

Just noticed this, but check out the way either Haley or his wife signed for a piece of certified mail, per the Exhibit D of the complaint:

9/27/13 11:56AM

The Pelini tape was two years old, so there was a lot of interest in understanding the source's motive for leaking it now; in fact, it was the first question I got from every reporter in Nebraska who contacted me (with the second typically being a question about who the source was). Because of that, I felt—and still Read more

9/25/13 4:16PM

If I wanted to rip the NFHS, I'd rip the NFHS. This is a highlight-reel play that's against the rules. It called for a little levity. We do that around here from time to time.

9/25/13 3:27PM

Where did I say the rule was a bad one? I wrote that a spectacular run was against the rules, then explained why.

9/18/13 4:50PM

I've got news for you: They all likely do. What's different here is that we all got to hear it.