Dom Cosentino
7/11/14 10:42AM

Even more disheartening are the recent photos revealing his stance on bunting.

6/10/14 4:14PM

For the sake of journalistic integrity, I think everyone should know precisely how Greg Howard got that staph infection: Read more

1/12/14 11:25AM

The CFL is much more refined nowadays ...great parity thru most of the league. It's a big-play league with a lot of exciting finishes. Being from Montreal I'm partial to the Als :). It's a different game (faster) than in the US which allows a different mix of athletes to flourish. The Grey Cup is also much older than Read more

1/11/14 12:06PM

I love hearing about the history of Canadian football. I consider myself one of the only CFL fan in the DC area. I first got into the sport when I was flipping through the channels one night. I saw "Canadian Football" on one channel. My first thought was "Hah, Canadian football! This is kinda funny! I'll watch it." It Read more

1/11/14 8:56AM

Really interesting piece. I researched and wrote a chapter about this subject for my recently published book about the 1981-83 Toronto Argonauts (Bouncing Back: From National Joke to Grey Cup Champs) but the chapter didn't fit so I cut it. In response to Dom's post, I have posted the chapter on my blog: http://bouncing Read more

1/10/14 8:45PM

Incredible stuff. I might actually have to look through certain channels to get a copy of a CFL on NBC broadcast. Read more

1/10/14 3:37PM

who would feel it necessary to speak with anonymity about CFL negotiations from 31+ years ago?

1/10/14 2:52PM

Boy, Dom sure loves covering the lesser forms of pro football.

12/27/13 7:57PM

I read about this game in You're Okay, It's Just A Bruise by the former Raider team doctor, Rob Huzienga. Pretty frightening stuff if you care at all about your long-term health. Otherwise, just another day at the NFL office in the mid-80's.

12/27/13 1:06PM

I remember this game vividly. It was like a street fight. I remember the play where McMahon's kidney was lacerated — a brutal hit. (You can see it at 4:20 [yeah, bro!] of the video, if the time-anchor doesn't work.) His head gets whipped back violently when he gets hit — it makes you wince just watching it.*

12/18/13 11:34PM

Willie and I were good friends in college, haven't seen him since but he was a heck of a basketball player and a great guy. I have no idea what was in his mind the night of this shot, he never told me the story but I saw him play a lot of basketball games and he was a star and a clutch player. Would always want him Read more

12/06/13 7:16PM

The Pirates have a winning season and Dom leaves? Who the fuck is going to post Pittsburgh jagoffery on this website?

12/06/13 11:10AM

On any number of Saturdays in Jan/Feb you can catch two or three live college games in Philly in a day. A Palestra/Drexel doubleheader is a short walk. Or Villanova at the Wells Fargo Center then a 30 min train ride to the Liacouras Center for a Temple game.