Drew Magary
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Jul 17 2018

This guy looks like a reject from Bill Simmons’ extended universe of college friends characters. I presume he goes by a nickname like “Worm” or “Gooch.”

Jul 2 2018

End of Lebron? Look, I’m not going to say LeBron’s plan is to wrest immortality from time’s cruel grasp and play basketball at peak physical conditioning for eternity, but I’m also not going to be surprised if it happens. There is no end of LeBron.

Feb 7 2018

I am going to defend the Dodge commercial, though I know I will just whither away in the bottom of the grays on a day old article. Read more

Sep 21 2017

The CBA was written specifically to give veterans a break. Those vets used to have lots of hitting practices in full pads, so the play didn’t deteriorate much. Those vets have since mostly retired. Read more

Sep 7 2017

If you drowned off the coast of Delaware, would there be better tax advantages for your body being discovered on the shore or floating in international waters?

May 19 2017

Part of my job is putting up signs notifying the public of upcoming rezoning hearings, and we have an enormous one coming up next week, so I spent nine hours Monday and Tuesday and another six Wednesday and Thursday walking around our whole city in my floppy hat and hiking boots putting up bright purple signs at Read more

May 2 2017

The pancake machine at the old Gawker office lasted about two weeks before breaking, but I feel like you could monetize these pancake bites?

Apr 6 2017

“What advantages does this war have over, say, an ethnic cleansing, which I could also afford?”

Mar 31 2017

I think part of what makes it easier to watch AP leave than Moss is that his fumbles led (more or less) directly to 2 playoff losses, including in an NFC Championship Game. He’s great, but his biggest flaws always showed up at the worst times.

Mar 16 2017

The worst words to hear while listening to a panel discussion is when the moderator goes, “Ok, we’re going to have to wrap this up but I have one final question for our panelists,” because that means another 20 minutes of yakking. Read more

Mar 16 2017

Excuse me, I have a two-part question and a comment...

Mar 16 2017

The @fuckjerry panel is just every other panel curated into one convenient panel.

Feb 24 2017

“At NASA, we all pee the same color.”

Yellow? Clear? Are they all equally hydrated or something?