Erica L. Ayala
9/06/18 12:52PM

Not to mention the fact that if this HAD been a robbery in progress, rolling up full force like that might have aggravated the situation to be worse.

9/06/18 12:07PM

See right there, that is my issue, number 4 was jumped to right away WITHOUT really questioning the parties involved to determine if the accusation is even true. This should have been a simple, “Ladies, please step over here”, then out of earshot, ask both women, are you being kidnapped or subject to “undo influence”, Read more

9/06/18 11:45AM

3. You think someone is in danger, so you escalate the situation by indiscriminately pointing our gun in the car? If this had been a real situation, 4 people could have wound up injured or dead.

8/08/18 7:23PM

Most Brazilian woso players tend to use translators - I guess they don’t want to mis-speak or be mis-quoted? We all know Marta speaks English and yet very rarely will she give an interview in English.