Hannah Keyser
Feb 26 2018

No need to eliminate it. It should apply to “a well-regulated militia,” not any idiot who fancies himself a suburban commando. Read more

Jun 2 2017

I guess this is as good a time as any to post this pic of me and the Chicken. This was a Chattanooga Lookouts game from the summer of 1982.

Feb 28 2017

Mike was like “Good gracious, pasta so tasteless”

Feb 27 2017

Matt Purke looks like he only plays baseball ironically. Sort of like he wants to go back to the minors because nobody’s heard of the team he was playing on.

Feb 16 2017

the photo of chris christie is credited to frank franklin ii. america have we run out of names it is ok to say yes we can work on this

Dec 29 2016

Probably way too soon to be making this joke, but it’s a bummer how that suit went from my Reservoir Dogs suit to my “Turkish assassin” suit in the span of, like, five minutes. Read more

Dec 7 2016

I really hope the Mets don’t waste a camp invite on someone who has proven he can’t play baseball at the Major League level. I get that he’s a really nice guy and used to be a famous star, but this whole David Wright spectacle needs to come to an end.

Oct 21 2016

My Dad gets compliments on his Ron Swoboda Mets jersey and YA Tittle Giants Jersey every time he wears them to games. I picked up a Jason Sehorn for christmas and have never been high-fived so much at a game. People love remembering some guys, and especially when others remember those same guys.

Oct 18 2016

Phil Kessel is a commemorative ticket lanyard away from being a dad wearing a Phil Kessel jersey.

Aug 23 2016

I can’t speak to dressage, but I spent an entire afternoon watching the cross country equestrian competition. It was awesome and it looked incredibly difficult for both rider and horse. I had no idea that was a sport. They had riders who were in their early 20's all the way up to early 60's! And horses from 3-18.
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