Isaac Eger
living and leaving florida. basketball around the world
Oct 4 2019

overcoming the money involved in horse racing is gonna make it considerably more difficult. thanks for the support :)

Sep 3 2019

Could have been a great addition to the Richard Gere Museum

Aug 22 2019

yeah, you’re right. i haven’t really figured out how to respond to this kind of stuff. my first kinja experience. just feels weird to have other people who weren’t there/have no direct relationship to the characters that i spent months with tell me i’m a bad person. feels like these few sentences have distracted from Read more

Aug 22 2019

in hindsight, i should have explained that i had just spent months with her, that it was a sort of goodbye and she hugged me back

Aug 21 2019

maybe i’m at fault for not explaining the interaction well enough, or maybe i’m at fault for not respecting her personal space. i guess everybody here could look deb up and ask her

Aug 21 2019

thanks, i’ll be sure to keep my hugs to myself from now on ;)

Aug 21 2019

I don’t think it was on Grey2K to be responsible for the lives of the kennel folk. That seemed like something the legislature and the track owners could have provided.

Aug 21 2019

i think the coal miner comparison is on the nose. these people knew that the industry was dying. but it was their community, their culture, and they loved those dogs. i think what hurt them most was being portrayed in the media as monsters. ideally, there’d be a safety net to catch them. whereas the owners of the Read more