Jonah Keri
Feb 14 2017

It’s been easy for fans to hate on Boras for years. But the fires of hate have been stoked by the front offices, owners, and media at large, who all engage in a symbiotic relationship for their own respective benefits. Reality is Scott Boras does his job, and does so exceedingly well. His job is to try and get the Read more

Dec 1 2016

Good point about the Mets. It would be great for Oakland if they had some sort of Sandy Alderson-esque GM, a protege or acolyte, and they could institute a smart management system. Call it, I don’t know, Sandyball.

Jun 15 2016

Oh, word: The practice isn’t a 401c3 non profit, as this interview here explains, so the only way to donate is to make out a check directly to the office or to him (Warren M. Hern) and send it in the mail to Read more

Jun 15 2016

I didn’t see this right away and I called Dr. Hern’s office to ask how I could donate money directly to the practice. I had a fifteen-minute conversation with Dr. Hern himself. In addition to being a hero, he is a very humble and cool guy.

Jun 15 2016

is there any way to donate to the clinic that performed it? even if it’s just going to fix the leaky roof, they deserve as much help as they can get for offering their services to women in situations like this.

Jul 24 2015

He’s on the record as saying nice things about Puerto Ricans, though. I even heard him say, “There’s no such thing as bad PR.”

Mar 3 2015

I loved that he didn't wear batting gloves and swung at everything. Basically me in little league except I had no talent.

Mar 3 2015

Oh you know, only a 300'+ throw into the center of the mitt, nbd.

Mar 3 2015

I love Vladimir Guerrero. No batting gloves. Free swinger. Arm cannon. Punk rock pine tar helmet. Russian-Latin hybrid name. One of my favourite players of all time.

Mar 3 2015

This makes me excited to read this book! I collected baseball cards in elementary school and loved all of the Expos, especially Pedro and Vlad.

Feb 21 2012

I haven't read a piece that engaging since Henry Chadwick's "Discourse On Fielding Percentages As A Matter Of Base Ball Aptitude." Back then, if a sporting news analysis didn't run at least 15,000 words, we demanded our nickel back.