Jordan Sargent
7/18/18 2:55PM

if kawhi walks next season then the raptors are still paying lowry, ibaka and prob jonas like $80 million in 19-20 and idk if any of those guys are tradable even as expirings. they don’t have a 19 pick and wouldn’t be bad enough to get a good 20 pick or good enough to do anything in the playoffs. so maybe in 20 you Read more

4/17/17 6:05PM

This is righteous video but when are we going to address what’s going on with Max Kellerman’s face

12/20/16 4:43PM

Their defense has actually been pretty good. It’s the offense that has completely cratered.

11/23/16 11:40AM

Kim Pegula, who owns the team along with her husband Terry. I should have added that the hacker didn’t need to call her a cunt.