Jordan Sargent
10/16/19 11:47AM

I’ve watched that fourth gif about 20 times and I still can’t figure out what happened. The defender barely gets a hand on Drake, who had completed the catch and turned upfield, and doesn’t seem to slip, yet somehow he just falls forward onto his face.

3/31/17 2:39PM

[A] division title is off in the extreme distance if the land mines implanted in the arms of each Mets pitcher all detonate at once (not impossible), and if the Nats choke like the choking chokers they are. Read more

12/20/16 4:41PM

totally. the little jersey grab he does to bring him to the ground? very impressive display of strength against a guy who’s no slouch.

12/20/16 4:37PM

In the open field like that, probably a first down 90% of the time one-on-one. Impressive, indeed.

12/20/16 4:36PM

That tackle on third down is absolutely incredible.

12/20/16 4:31PM

Man, weren’t the Jags supposed to have a great year this year? What happened to Hurns and Robinson? and their new D? Read more

12/20/16 4:23PM

It’s nice that for once, DeAndre Hopkins’ on-field performance and fantasy value was greatly diminished by someone not named Brock Osweiler.