Jorge Corona
Jorge is a Creative Producer for Deadspin Video—thanks for asking.
Jan 11 2019

I’m having an actual meltdown that blueberries are nowhere in this post.

Dec 19 2018

Dude’s appreciation of life made my day. Seems like he’s never not smiling or just appreciating the simple things. Great video. 

Dec 12 2018

I’m curious why you made Jorge act as himself in a greensuit, then composited an image of himself over himself, but that’s past my paygrade.

Nov 20 2018

As a chapter leader, I will admit that it’s a tough time right now for people to get really excited about the USMNT. I still can’t believe that they do not have a coach. Read more

Jul 16 2018

To be fair, our women’s team have won the cup 3 times and we still don’t give a shit about soccer or their team (we really should though).

Apr 13 2018

If they’re (ARP) gonna give us a slow-mo version, ALSO INCLUDE THE REGULAR SPEED VERSION. It’s Friday, god dammit.
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Dec 21 2017

Had my first taste of a rivalry game in August, the Atlas vs America game in Guadalajara. Read more