Julie DiCaro
Co-host of The Ladies Room podcast. Author of "Sidelined: Sports, Culture, and Being a Woman in America." Former law-talking chick.

I assumed Laena killed herself because they can't get the baby out. So she either dies of sepsis or .... Read more

And believe me, we realize this is just two, white sports reporters, and that the problem is much MUCH bigger, especially for women of color. Just trying to speak to what we can. Read more

*I* wanted to hug them and I was sitting across from them! They were legitimately so upset. It was unreal. Restored my faith in humanity. And bros. Read more

I honestly think white people posting about unfriending racist acquaintances is misinterpreted. It’s not attended as aggrandizement. It’s more an expression of shock that we know people with these viewpoints and that they hide among us in plain sight. At least for me. And I read the announcements about unfriending Read more

Growing up, my Princess Leia bubble bath, nightgown, and trapper keeper argue it was NEVER a boys’ club. Read more

Wrigley desperately needs to be renovated. The concourses are tiny (it takes about 25 minutes to exit a game), the grandstands are cramped, and concrete is falling from the upper deck (they've installed nets to catch it before it kills someone. But I'm more concerned about this Ernie Banks Memorial Tarp. Last year, Read more

You're preaching to the choir. Just saying, it's not extraordinary. It's par for the course for being a woman on the internet. We should all be filing police reports. Read more

Sadly, it's not "extraordinary." It's typical of what those of us who write about sports get a lot. Read more

Obviously you aren't including Chicago in that. (throws shade and side-eye) Read more

Either Seth sold it really, really well, or he was in legit agony. Either way, I enjoyed it. Read more

I was in one of the first few rows when Christopher Plummer was doing "Inherit the Wind." I had a very hard time keeping my shit together. Read more

Men's Rights: Because it's about damn time men had a voice in this world. Read more

That's an awful lot of Richard Armitage to miss out on. Just sayin'. Read more

Well, getting "convicted" of doing something based on the word of someone trying to save their own ass happens in this country every hour of every day. Jailhouse informants are a cornerstone of many prosecutions. Does that make it right? No. But ideally, I'd like Americans to be protected from this kind of thing Read more