Michael Lopez
2/25/14 10:46PM

90% sure that L. Jon Wertheim's book Scorecasting already covered this exact phenomenon.

12/03/13 1:29PM

Quick and dirty, here are the ten worst divisions of all time, as measured by standard deviations from the mean divisional record for that sport: Read more

11/19/13 4:19PM

Very good article. You can also add a SECOND example from the 2013 World Series: Pedroia sliding into second base, the Cardinals player clearly never getting a hold on it before trying to turn the DP, and the call being reversed. Happened at Fenway. Game 1, I think?

10/25/13 11:32AM

Jesus. Instead of tossing their coins in the air, the 1,000 people should just pool them and bet against the Steelers.