Patrick Redford
Staff writer, Deadspin
10/23/19 3:58PM

If you’ve seen those two movies, you’ll like this one a lot more because its character study is an implicit response to both men as portrayed in their feature films. Honnold definitely feels like he needs to find new ways to push his limits, and he really does sweep Caldwell along.

8/30/19 12:00AM

Yet another Deadspin staffer bitter at the success of the mighty Oakland Athletics

7/12/19 12:09PM

Incredible 21-shot rally there, I thought for sure Federer’s cleaner shots were going to get him through.

7/12/19 11:40AM

It seems unusual for both dudes to be rocking the all-white look, but I kinda dig it. (Edit: Duh everyone does it, my brain smooth as hell.)

5/16/19 3:10PM

A slight update: The unnamed staffer actually only claimed they were better at being a horse than the horse lady. In the interest of partial transparency, here is a copied and pasted list of claims they made, verbatim: Read more

5/10/19 3:47PM

I have unfortunately been kicked out of Triple Rock in Berkeley for this very offense because someone saw.

5/10/19 3:45PM

Dumoulin, Roglic, Nibali, I think Yates eats shit again though I’d be very happy to be wrong.

5/10/19 3:39PM

The Bre Tiesi-Manziel news was more or less the perfect subject matter for my interests, and I just pray we get as funny of a character perpetrating endurance/outdoor sports fraud again soon.

5/10/19 3:25PM

I think we like to pick our spots as much as possible so as not to fall too in love with our own bullshit and not assume that everyone else thinks our dumb yelling is actually worthwhile.