Patrick Wyman
9/27/19 11:01AM

Once again, I find myself grateful for your writing on this, as well as feeling terrible for you on a personal level. Even for David Roth, a man who has apparently dedicated seventeen percent of his mental capacity to Mets trivia, spending this much time bathed in the radioactive sludge that is the President’s mindset Read more

8/23/19 4:30PM

This may sound strange, but when I visit the site I feel like I’m amongst friends. I’ve obviously not met any of the writers, but after spending a decade reading their work and watching them evolve and grow through the years I feel personally invested in the site. I’m eager to read the personal tone of each Read more

8/23/19 4:22PM

As someone who works in PR, and who oversees ad buys on social media and web platforms, I literally let out a laugh when you mentioned the word “pageviews.” No one who does this job pays a lot of attention to pageviews as a stand-alone metric any longer. That hasn’t been our model for years. Read more

8/23/19 4:07PM

Rehashing the past that lead to Gawker’s downfall is the “but her emails” complaint—100% true & valid, but ultimately not constructive. It is was it is and at least this avid GMG reader hopes that things stay as close to the same as possible. Thank you, Megan for fighting the good fight and hopefully the morons who Read more

8/23/19 4:05PM

As “F-U, I’m outta here letters go,” this one is pretty classy and filled with real evidence. Good luck, Megan!

7/08/19 4:00PM

Why wouldn’t teams want to take a low-percentage shot and a low-percentage shot and a low-percentage shot and a low-percentage shot and a low-percentage shot with Westbrook?

6/14/19 1:29PM

“It’s not something we wanted to have happen. It didn’t have to go this route,says spokesperson for sheriff’s office that has chosen to make this happen by going this route.

5/29/19 10:49PM

If this doesn’t end with Kyle Lowry and Pascal Siakam barricading themselves in Kawhi’s home while Steve Ballmer frantically drives around looking for his address, I’m going to be sorely disappointed.

4/25/19 2:52PM

Russell Westbrook leaves press conference after difficult statement from Russell Westbrook. His antagonistic relationship with Mr. Westbrook has boiled over in recent days, much to the dissatisfaction of noted teammate, R. Westbrook.

4/20/19 2:21PM

It’s easier to forgive the pomp and circumstance when you realize this is Russ’s fourth playoff game win since Durant left. 

4/18/19 4:09PM

Re: Doc Rivers’ bankroll - I worked part time at a ritzy spa several years back. We had the occasional celebrity come by, mostly the usual assortment of “Oh hey, isn’t the guy from the thing?” you see anywhere Hollywood adjacent. One day I was covering the front desk and part of my duties was to check the schedule and Read more

4/11/19 12:58PM

This is a large part of the gaping divide between the Biden generation’s politics-as-sport and the younger generation’s politics-as-morality view of the world. If it’s all just a game, well, good show Kirstjen, you fought hard, good game, see you out there next time. If we see it all in a moral context, she’s guilty Read more