Puja Patel
Senior Editor, Deadspin
Oct 14 2016

We got a voicemail on the office phone yesterday and the Google Voice voice-to-text software said the person was asking for Poodle Patel.

Aug 19 2016

Continue with the good work, Puja, and you’ll be great wherever you go. Be well.

Aug 19 2016

Will miss you Puja! Look forward to seeing what you do with SPIN! Good luck and thank you for taking me out of the greys on Adequate Man!

Cream - Goodbye (Full album)

Aug 19 2016

Good luck at Spin, Puja! That’s a very exciting prospect. I’ll be looking for your stuff, love too watch the Deadspin crowd expand and conquer the internet

Aug 19 2016

I have a pretty healthy Destiny habit. Thankfully my wife has a slew of TV shows she likes to watch that I will never watch so when those shows are on I play Destiny and she watches her shows without me going MST3K on them. Read more

Aug 19 2016

It’s Friday night.

I will be gaming on the couch with my laptop. The Mrs. will be on the couch playing X-Box. We have a good relationship.

Aug 19 2016

Nifty trick: Have a girlfriend who plays video games as much or more than you.

Aug 18 2016

Never Again. On the one hand, it was valuable to know why we didn’t work, and we finally ended it TWO MONTHS BEFORE OUR WEDDING. But on the other hand, maybe we would have been just fine never living together. Read more

Aug 16 2016

Huh and despite my thousands of letters, phone calls, and random appearances at her house Taylor Swift won't even send me the one lock of hair I want. Some people have all the luck...

Aug 15 2016

Chilly and Oh are right. The fad dieters have driven the market in ways that a small population of people with a disease never could. While I thank them, it pisses me off when I see someone at a restaurant say they can’t have gluten while jamming bread in their mouth.