Man, this is the truth. Source: went to J-school at Ohio U. Read more

All you need to know is that Argentina aren't playing for the World Cup, and probably not getting out of their group, without Lionel Messi. He's the definition of an MVP. Read more

Thanks, man! Always nice to hear. Read more

Good point. I led off with the World Cup fact mostly because it's what's going on. Read more

Because, as interesting as the circumstances surrounding di Stéfano's absence from the World Cup (and they are!), he made his mark as a club player, much more so than as an international player. Read more

Common enough that I heard it in Seoul from more than one supporter of Les Bleus in the run-up to the match. Read more

My understanding is that it's a bit unclear, and that it could easily have been both. But The Two Escobars is probably the best treatment of this tragic story. Read more

I was there when the French lost to Senegal. I can't even begin to describe just how shockingly gobsmacking that loss was. '02 Portugal is up there, but I'd argue that they've taken Spain's place as the supremely talented team that routinely manages to underperform their talent level. Read more