Tommy Craggs
Oct 24 2014

Honest to god, and I say this knowing full well that you're not going to believe a word of it, what got our antennae twitching in the first place was the dude's bloviating about his high school football career (with a weird emphasis on having to play both ways, as if that were an anomaly). Here's the gchat that Read more

Oct 24 2014

Barry can't drink for shit. I've never met a human who hangs over as easily as he does. We have some version of this conversation two-three times a month: Read more

Sep 3 2014

I'm not sure where you got the idea that Barry was passing any kind of judgment on Schefter, beyond that lightly raised eyebrow at that Titans/Eagles bit. Also: This is not how all reporting works. This is how NFL reporting works.

Sep 3 2014

I remember it well, and I also remember wondering why people weren't making any fuss over it. The context here is that Beane is in the middle of swinging a deal that'll net him the immortal Ricardo Rincon. I'd make a distinction between the Schefter stuff described above and what Beane and Gammons are up to here. In

Aug 5 2014

Not Twitter, but in the spirit of the proceedings: Joe Posnanski unfriended me on Facebook a few years back. Not sure when, but I'm guessing it happened shortly after we'd started cuffing him around over the Paterno book. We're not close or anything, and I don't blame him at all for wanting nothing to do with Read more

Jul 31 2014

That's a fair criticism; I don't agree, and part of the point of our exercise here was to demonstrate that a line of thinking that assumes there's an acceptable degree of domestic abuse is functionally no different from saying that there is a point at which the woman deserves to get hit, but I won't deny that the Read more