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I know it isn’t sports, as many of Drew’s articles are not...but I read this article a month before my first son was born. Read more

The first time I ever read Deadspin was the night before my brother died, almost exactly three years ago. He had cancer, and it was clear that he wouldn’t last much longer, so I told him he was the best brother anyone could ever ask for and I drove home and put my baby to sleep and opened up my laptop and found myself Read more

No doubt, the single greatest thing ever associated with Deadspin. Take a victory lap, internet.

I still say that getting Dan Le Batard’s Baseball Hall of Fame vote and letting the readers vote was pretty cool.

Mckesson is symbolic of a really major battle that’s brewing within urban black politics, which is over ed reform. He’s a Teach for America guy and friendly with ed reform writ large; a lot of the emerging black nonprofit class are. But people of color writ large and black parents in particular are generally staunch Read more

That whole NY Mag piece was a waste of space. No original reporting of substance. This whale is long dead and the harpoon sticking out of him bears Greg Howard’s signature in scrimshaw. They should have just paid the kill fee and ran a blurb with links to Greg’s pieces.

It’s a complicated question. I’m going to immediately buck at the sentence “everything that’s wrong with the NBA and everything that’s right with the NFL” because the NFL is a moral monstrosity, and the NBA is just kind of in the middle of the pack, as far as sports league ethics goes, but that’s sort of beside the Read more

I used to work at a DTLA location that did a ton of filming, if they are blocking any of your access to your building you can always asked to be paid, pretty much as an inconvienance fee, as the production companies don’t want you to call the city filming services complaining. Don’t be super greedy but you can safely Read more

A hockey player would have accepted that trophy — then played game 7.

I am 5’5.5. Kit’s eyes are flush with mine although he is leaning slightly. I’d say 5’6 and not a half-inch taller. (P.S. He is a genuine and lovely fellow. Also, he smells really good.)

Former PGA TOUR exec here: The PGA TOUR does NOT love Augusta, in fact just the opposite. The Master’s is not a TOUR event and all it does is diminish the value of actual PGA TOUR events just like the MLB would hate it if the World Series was run by someone other than MLB. It may bring interest to golf, but it takes Read more

Most iconic version? Maybe. But as mentioned above, not the only version.

In case anybody is wondering, the pitcher must declare which hand he will be throwing with and must do that to the batter for the whole at bat. This matters most for switch hitters. I don’t know what the rule is if the batter is lifted for a pinch hitter in the middle of the at bat or even if the pitcher’s decision is Read more

This is probably my favorite sports Youtube:

Not an accident, but I once showed up at a local burger place with some friends only to find out that they had just closed the kitchen because they were holding a hot dog eating contest that was about to begin. The hot dogs were 3 feet long, and served in long stiff bread kind of like baguettes. I was hungry. The Read more