Badminton Player Beats The Crap Out Of His Former Playing Partner

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A world-class badminton player beating the shit out of his opponent in the middle of a match isn't something you ever expect to see, but here we are.

This happened at yesterday's Canada Open 2013 in Vancouver. The guy doing the chasing is Bodin Issara, and the poor bastard getting his face rocked is Maneepong Jongjit. The really crazy thing is that Issara and Jongjit used to be playing partners—they represented Thailand at the 2012 Summer Olympics—but broke off their partnership when Issara announced his "retirement" in January.


It's not clear exactly what sparked this fracas, but it seems to me that Issara and Jongjit just really miss each other and don't know how to properly express their feelings. Maybe try hugging it out next time, fellas.

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