Ball State Football Players Allegedly Involved In "Poo Dollar" Prank

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The "poo dollar" is a prank in which a person—likely a teen because teens are the absolute worst—wipes their ass with a dollar and then leaves it on the ground so that an unsuspecting mark will them come and pick it up and get poop all over their hand. According to police, three Ball State football players and their shit-eating friends pulled a much meaner version of the "poo dollar" prank on a waitress last weekend.

The three players—Darius Conaway, Kennan Noel, Nicholas Isaacs—and three other friends were eating at Brothers Bar and Grill in Muncie, Ind., on Sunday when one of the little fuckers decided it would be funny to leave the waitress a punch of poop-covered dollars as part of her tip. From Ball State Daily:

The suspect, a 17 year old, left their table, which was also occupied by the three Ball State football players, and went into the bathroom after their waitress gave him his bill, according to the police report. After returning to the table he put the money into the black folder, according to police who sourced a security video of the event.

The group's waitress told police she saw the suspect laughing when she picked up the check and smelled a "foul odor." She said two of the bills were covered in a brown substance that she later realized was fecal matter.


Please don't ever put poop on a dollar. For any reason.

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